Ashley Tharp | 972.824.2147 | Plano, TX




Objective : currently working, seeking more work

Work Experience

Corduro | Google backed payment Start-up

Android Developer | PayMobile
Payment SDK development | App Development

Description: I am currently writing an SDK so that third party
developers can extend the Corduro Paymobile payment gateway
emphasized skills are: "readable" code, thorough testing, API design,
Eclipse, Android Studio, REST, SVN, GIT, payment systems
code refactoring, cleanup, documentation, testing via JUnit
Jan 2014 - present

Parasol Labs | Texas A&M

undergrad researcher | C++ development
research topics: autonomous robot motion planning, approximate convex decomposition
Summary: 3D models are becoming larger and more complex due to hardware advances
and higher demands for realism in 3D models and simulations. Decomposition
can be used as a preprocessing step for making large model data sets manageable
by splitting a large model into smaller sub models
OS: Fedora
IDE: Vim, make
published research log and research paper
Summer 2012

Moroch LP

animator | interactive design | 3D generalist
projects:McDonald’s: Angus Biggest Fan, McDonald’s: Coke Go Large, McDonald’s: Beat Mornings
Skills: Flash Animation, basic ActionScript development, 3D rigging, animation, modeling, lighting
Aug 2007 - Nov 2009


summer hire
3D general | texturing | modeling
projects:Universal Studios: Simpson's Ride
summer 2008